Blackstar Parking

At Blackstar Parking Düsseldorf you can park your car easily and conveniently with the shuttle and valet service. The parking provider has a multi-story car park which is only 3 kilometres from the airport. During your absence, your car is safely parked on the provider's video-monitored premises, which are also equipped with an alarm system. You can therefore be sure that your vehicle is not only inexpensively but also very safely parked with this provider. You can also book additional services with this parking provider, such as a car wash.



Brandenburger Straße 42, 40880, Ratingen
Düsseldorf Airport Parking

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About Blackstar Parking

Blackstar Parking has experience in both valet and shuttle services. With the 24-hour service you can contact Blackstar Parking at any time. This parking provider also offers extra services such as a car wash.

Please note that this parking provider can only park vehicles with a maximum width of 5 meters, a height of 2.2 meters and a length of 2 meters.


This will take you to Blackstar Parking's main location. There you will park your car and a handover protocol will take place. Your luggage will then be loaded onto the shuttle bus and you will be taken directly to departure gate B. On your return journey you call Blackstar Parking and the shuttle bus will take you back to the park site.


If you decide to use the valet service, drive directly to Düsseldorf airport. Here you hand over your car to one of Blackstar Parking's employees after a brief check for any damage. They will park your car in the parking space you have booked, while you can already check in for your flight. After your journey, your car will be driven back to the airport, from where you can start your return journey immediately.

Please note that this airport is located in a low emission zone and that an environmental sticker is required.

At Blackstar Parking your car is safe. The car park is locked with an alarm system and the parking garage is also monitored with cameras. Your car keys are stored in a separate steel cabinet when you hand them in.

During the shuttle and valet service, your car will be checked for any damage and photos will be taken. The parking provider is insured for the parking of your car in accordance with his general terms and conditions.

This parking provider is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You also have the possibility to use some additional services, which you can add directly to your reservation. These additional services include a fuel service, car cleaning and a protective cover.

How does shuttle parking work?


With shuttle parking you drive directly to the parking area of the provider and park your vehicle on the secured area. Contact the provider by phone 20 minutes before your arrival at the parking area. Before you park your vehicle, a handover protocol will take place, an employee will take some pictures and fill in a form with you. Afterwards you will be taken immediately to Düsseldorf airport by the comfortable shuttle bus of the provider. The shuttle will take you directly to departure gate B.

On your return journey, please contact the park operator by telephone after you have collected your luggage and passed through customs. The shuttle will then proceed to departure gate B at the airport. The shuttle will immediately take you back to your vehicle, where you will be handed over again, after which you can continue your journey.

How does valet parking work?


When you choose for valet parking, you drive with your own car directly to Düsseldorf airport. Contact the driver by phone 20 minutes before your arrival at the terminal. The employee will then already be waiting for you at the airport, at departure gate B. For your and the parking provider's safety, your vehicle will be inspected upon pick-up and a protocol will be drawn up in which important information is noted down and pictures will be taken. You hand over your keys and vehicle to the employee and he will park your car on the secured area of the parking provider, while you can go directly to the check-in.

After landing, proceed to the baggage carousel. After you have collected your luggage and passed through customs, please call the parking provider again directly to confirm that they can bring your car to the airport. The driver will meet you at the same place where the transaction had taken place on the day of your journey, this is at departure gate B.


Brandenburger Straße 42, 40880, Ratingen